ABOut Malama The Roots

What is Malama The Roots

Malama The roots is a lifestyle,   We love and Malama the land which we live on, for are crops that produce medicine.  We focus on our roots because thats where it all start.  By feeding them with aina based implements gathered from different regions of the Hawaiian islands .  We love using are own Hawaiian heritage in connection with are natural farming techniques.  we encourage a well balanced life cycle for our crops.  Healthy roots equals healthy plants,  So lets all MALAMA THE ROOTS.

Malama The Roots Flower

Growing boutique strains with knf and hnf farming techniques, ensuring you clean medicine, flavorful terps and a enjoyable session

Malama The Roots Merchandise

Malama The Roots sweaters, t-shirts and hats available threw the farm stand.  LIMITED runs