Our Kahua (Foundation)


Hawaiian Natural Farming

Mālama The Roots Farm goal is to provide quality, clean medicine for the people. We use living soil and organic practices to our farming methods. Our inputs are handmade and made from the ʻāina, (IMO) Indegionous microorganisms, (OHN) oriental herbal nutrients. (FPJ) fermented plant juice (FFJ) fermented fruit juice (BRV) brown rice vinegar, all inputs are fermented with real food, herbs, and aloha. Ferments are handmade from different regions throughout the Hawaiian islands , "we eat what our plants eat". Our mission is to provide the best quality of Mendocino sun-grown organic ainabased (Sust(aina)ble cannabis. (Taste and feel the difference).


Full Spectrum Rosin

"Rosin" is the term used to describe a process to extract resin from cannabis using a solvent-less extraction method.  Heat and pressure is used to extract the "rosin" solvent-less means no solvents (ex. butane, propane, hexane, ethenol or alcohol) where used to assist in extracting rosin.  The finished rosin comes in various consistencies, colors, potencies, and flavors.  Full spectrum rosin is decarboxylated at various temperatures to release a full array of cannabis, terpenoids and cannabinoids. 


Full Panel Testing

In order to provide our patients with the highest level of cannabis.  We test our products through Steephill and SC labs, bringing us knowledge on potency levels, terpene profiles, pesticide use, microbiology test and residual solvents.

Test Your Products